tel: 00420 220 808 708
  SEEDCOM s.r.o.
Babická 1a
149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

About Company

SEEDCOM is Czech, family owned and operated company with it´s permanent place on the Czech and international markets. Our main domain is business and contracting multiplication of seed of small species. Since 1999 it is our aim to build the long term partnerships based on fair play, honesty and quality of our services and products.

Our vision is bringing the faster, newer and generaly better services for our partners.

We are member of ČMŠSA (Czech seed trade association) and we are constantly taking part at the internation ISF, ESA and EESNET congresses.

Ing. Karel Husák
director, owner and inland business

Jan Husák
international business

Ing. Helena Zavadilová
administrative support

Bc. Veronika Kupková
administrative support

SEEDCOM s.r.o. is registred in the Trade Register, managed by City court in Prague part C, item 69908.